Born in 1971, Pierpaolo Salvi lives in his hometown of Naples. His work encorporates several different aspects of the audio industry. He has studied music since he was little and he enjoys building amateur speakers in his home garage. He becomes Sound Engineer at SAE of Milan. He collaborates as Sound Engineer with artists in the contemporary art field. Since 2005, he’s had his own business of design and handmade speaker creations. His works are objects with designs born from observation and abstraction taken from the real world. The choice of materials depends on the shape and study of an acustic sound that foresees not only these two variables but even the genre of music that is to be reproduced. His works come from two different coefficients that are his two passions: sound and shape, which together make an infinite amount of combinations possible. From an abstract idea to its design, to a scaled model, to the choice of material (wood, steel, iron, plexiglass…), to an acustic sound, to the final creation; the result is a sculpture with a High End riproduction.

Pierpaolo Salvi participates in several different shows where sound and shape become musical installations.
November 2011- he participates in the collective show at ISI in Naples with his work “Geometrie Sonore” (Geometric Sounds).
May 2012 – “Ajna” personal show at Fondazione Morra Greco of Naples.
September 2012 - he participates in the collective show "Door to Door" for the Superintendence of Salerno.

Pierpaolo Salvi

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